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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is fast becoming a requirement for the corporate…besides dissatisfied customers, your competition could be playing dirty as well…here are some tips from Team Orange, one of the best ORM agencies in India, on how you can win the ORM game!



Make your line bigger: At Team Orange, we believe in implementing the most tried and tested methodology for online reputation management – “make your line bigger such that the other one seems way smaller in comparison.” Countering the negative news and reviews with positive news and reviews on a regular basis in an emphatic manner and in quantum multiple of what has been reported / published online against you is what we propose.


Positive Press Releases: 
Team Orange issues positive press releases to both online and print media… we, as a PR Agency with more than two decades of experience in the domain, as well as an expert ORM agency, shall help you draft and disseminate the press releases effectively such that they have wider acceptance and appear on quite many web portals and even newspapers (including their online editions).


Google recognizes the online editions of the newspapers as credible news sources and hence their pages show up every time you search on certain keywords. We shall manage to get positive news on the online editions of the newspapers, and therefore the negative news and reviews shall not just get relegated to second page (or even further) but shall lose their adverse effect as well owing to the positive buzz generated.


Profiling the senior management, company & projects: Profile or pages of the owners / proprietors and other senior management as well as that of the company and its projects are created on all possible online and social media platforms and these are interlinked with each other.


Discussion Forums: Team Orange expresses the client and its key messages emphatically on discussion forums immediately below news / reviews pages…to tell the world our side of the story as well…which can be reinforced through positive comments and testimonials by a sea of people (Team Orange manages ‘ghost’ profiles for this purpose).


Deleting negative news / reviews: Last but not the least all the news / reviews websites shall be contacted and requested to pull down the story. This works at times, especially when you furnish the copy of the court order wherein the court has dismissed the allegations, if any OR our side of the story in an official communication (on letterhead / formal email etc.). If they do not agree to remove the news / reviews altogether, our experience with a similar campaign tells us that they generally agree to and add an addendum to the news / review item about the court order or our side of the story which works in our favour. Notices from competent legal advisors are sent as and when required.




There’s no point having a good plan unless you execute it. Generate, publish & promote so much positive content that the negative content is pushed beyond page one for search results of any target search phrase on Google


Aggressive Content Generation: Regularly generate and publish content specifically search engine optimized for search rankings spread across a variety of websites:

Blogging Platforms –,,,,,, etc.

Guest Articles –,, etc.

Press Releases –,, etc.

Social Profiles – Social profiles (personal profile and company page with regular updates) for all target keywords must be created on following platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Bookmarking – Finally, all the content/profile pages must be bookmarked on different bookmarking sites like, Kippt, Delicious, Clipmarks, StumbleUpon,
Reddit etc., and given Social Signals from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Ideally, the activity should be performed by at least 4-5 different accounts.
Video Marketing – It pays to invest in good videos – an introductory video (corporate film) and a video that tells your side of the story. Remember, YouTube is the new TV and the second largest search engine after Google. More than 55% of people with an Internet connection on desktop and mobile watch videos every day and around 70% of the content on mobile shall be videos by 2018. Besides, videos increase the probability of your website appearing on Google search result Page 1 by 53 times. They make your business appear more trustworthy. Someone who has watched your video is 64% more likely to get influenced. If your website has a video, online visitors could be on your site for as long as 5 minutes 50 seconds – the average time they spend on sites without videos is 48 seconds only. And last but not the least, ii is often said that a picture says a thousand words – guess how many words does a one minute video says – 1.8 million of them!

Finally, there is something that you must NOT do at all. 

You must completely stop trying to find the troublesome page on Google and then clicking on it. The ‘less number’ of clicks, the ‘more irrelevant’ it becomes for that particular search query. What the you must instead do is to check out all the ‘positive’ results and click on then repeatedly but never the negative ones.

Once again, you must never ever click on the troublesome link from Google Search Results as this action tells Google that this result is of some ‘relevance’ and it starts to rank the page even higher!

If you think, ORM is something that you can do on your own, you do not need a specialist agency for it and that the agencies charge a bomb, think twice! Let’s face it…if you could do it on your own, you would have done it by now…it is better to visit a cardiologist for chest pain than a general physician… hire professionals for the job if your online reputation is really bothering you. Hiring an agency is not all that unaffordable…call +91 9818239290 or send us an email on …well begun is half done!